Saxman: NASDAQ, S&P, Dow Jones All Have THIS One Thing in Common

What do the big three American indices have in common?

Here are some charts that will give you a reason for a heavier pour this week.

S&P, then the NASDAQ followed by the Dow Jones Index, and then finally housing affordability.


Having fun, yet?

Imagine being the boss who has to decide which employees are going to get laid off first. I’m betting on the Gen Zers who “quiet quit” and probably actually expect to keep their jobs at current pay levels during a recession. #MinimumWork=MinimumWAGE

Participation trophies and all that….

Tish tosh … we could have a nice little regional nuclear war on our hands in Ukraine.

No no no … it’s fine. We have reason to believe that nukes launched by Putin will be small scale and tactical.

He seems the type.

Soooo … an economy heading for the toi toi and a possible nuclear – again only tactical – engagement. Folks think this is just like the 70s – not with this Pittsburgh Steelers team.

Well, since I didn’t drink in the 70s it’s COMPLETELY different.

Speaking of drinking and inflation … here’s a fun story about why Virginians pay more for liquor – because that’s what the state, not the market, charges. You know if I were in charge….

Ah … what the heck … it’s the weekend.

Let’s roll back to the 21st night of September.

Happy Fall!

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