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Bolling: Prayers for Family of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain (1926-2022)

I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. What a remarkable and impactful life she lived.

Jean Ann and I had the privilege of meeting the Queen in 2007 when she visited Virginia to be part of the celebration marking the 400th anniversary of the founding of America at Jamestown.

We had the opportunity to meet with her, talk with her, and dine with her. It was one of the unique highlights of my life. She was the personification of British royalty, and conducted herself with charm, poise, and integrity.

The photo above is of the Queen addressing a joint session of the Virginia General Assembly. I, along with House Speaker Bill Howell, had the privilege of welcoming her to the Virginia State Capitol.

Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and the people of England on their loss.