Stop Whispering

Wednesday morning thoughts….

GOP electeds who will tell you behind closed doors that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election need to say that to their base.

But they won’t.

Power means too much to risk angering the crowds and losing their seats.

What would have happened if World War II leaders including Eisenhower and Churchill, who braved their way against the naysayers on their own teams, hadn’t found their backbones to stand up to Hitler and other Axis leaders in Germany, Italy, and Japan? Where would the world order be today?

I think we all know.

Today’s Republican leaders have to choose a side because at this rate the country is in trouble. Attacking the FBI was not a GOP talking point in the past. U.S. Senators pushing conspiracy theories is not a Republican value. Talking about “civil war” is not a Republican tenet.

Some Republicans in Congress are peddling conspiracies. Almost two years after the 2020 election, too many Republicans are still pushing the Big Lie.

When is enough, enough?

For the safety of all, please stop whispering the truth and speak it out loud.

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