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Bolling: GOP Continues to Nominate Woefully Deficient U.S. Senate Candidates

Here’s another key U.S. Senate seat that Republicans may have blown by nominating a woefully deficient candidate: John Fetterman Is Outwitting Dr. Oz, and Oz Is to Blame: GOP Operative. [1]

Historically, the presidential party in power has lost three to five U.S. Senate seats in mid-term elections. This means that Republicans should have had a very good chance of regaining control of the Senate this year.

However, as this race in Pennsylvania shows, as well as the race in Georgia* that I discussed last week, Republicans appear fully capable of blowing this opportunity.

*Georgia Republicans made a HUGE mistake nominating Herschel Walker for the U.S. Senate. It could cost the GOP control of the Senate in November: Warnock Bests Walker by 9 Points, Kemp Narrowly Leads Abrams: Ga. Poll. [2]