Don’t Learn This Lesson the Hard Way

I will admit to being very stubborn at times, so much so that my parents used to let me figure things out myself rather than fight with me, as long as I was safe. As of today, I am changing my ways.

The past week has changed me … boy, it’s been a whopper.

So there I was on Friday evening scheduled to work the box office in Chesterfield for the Aaron Lewis concert and looking forward to my friend’s birthday party in one of the chalets. It was a brutally hot July day and I drove Logan’s convertible just to have the hot air in my hair.

It was the first concert at River City Sportsplex and the Afterhours crew had set everything up in grand style. I grabbed my Gatorade and settled in at 5:00, waiting for the masses to arrive.

The box office wasn’t super busy that night, so I had copped a squat on the cooler in between ticket sales and questions when I started to feel something was … off. I realized I had sweat pouring from every pore, and my lower back started to ache. I chalked it up to the insane temperature and guzzled more Gatorade.

When we closed the box office, I went over to my friend’s party, grabbed a glass of wine and sat down to see the show. I was there for about an hour, and I was exhausted, so I just went home. Saturday and Sunday were fine except for this nagging ache in my back. I figured I had pulled a muscle.

I got up Monday morning, dragged myself to the coffee pot, and sat down to wake up. Before I could finish my first cup of coffee, I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck.

My temperature checked in at a balmy 103 degrees.

All the muscles from the back of my knees to my waist spasmed at the same time. If you’ve never experienced the feeling of your ass muscles in a spasm, trust me … you don’t want to. The spasm caused a stretch reflex that pushed the spasm all the way up my spine and into my ribs.

The pressure was so bad there were moments I thought my heart was going to get pushed out of my chest. I have two children, and I’ll take a labor contraction over these back spasms any day. They came and went every hour or so.

Then the headache set in. Every time I blinked my eyes, I thought a nasty troll was pounding on my brain with a mallet. I could literally feel my eyelashes and they were heavy.

I took some Advil and sat on the futon in the dark … crying. Logan wanted to take me to the hospital, but I didn’t want to expose myself to Covid. Seems ironic now….

I thought that if I could make it until Tuesday morning, I’d be better. No such luck. The spasms and head throb continued, and I added a new symptom: my skin started aching.

If you ever put your tongue on a 9-volt battery as a kid, you’ll understand. Every inch of my skin felt just like that. My t-shirt and boxers hurt my skin. Blankets hurt, but I was shivering from the fever, and the chill in the air hurt too. The slightest touch of anything felt like an electric shock … everywhere.

Logan had bought an extra at-home Covid test, and even though what I was experiencing was nothing like any Covid symptoms I had heard of, I took it. It registered positive almost immediately.

What? Covid? How? I had no cough, no sore throat, no stuffy nose.

By this time, the kids were so worried that both of them had called my doctor. He put me on Plaxlovid and had mercy and gave me some Flexeril. The Flexeril helped the spasms, and by Friday morning my fever was manageable. I’m grateful to God for that.

I have never been close to this sick in my life. Now I’m just looking forward to having a little strength back.

I suppose the moral of this horror story is simple. Do whatever you can to keep Covid away from you. I am vaxxed, but not boosted. Yes, some people just have a mild case, but it really isn’t worth trying to figure that out on your own.

If you don’t trust the CDC, ask your own doctor what to do. Be safe and learn this lesson from a story.

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