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20 Million Tuned In For First 1/6 Hearing

The first January 6 hearing, held during the prime hours of 8-10pm, pulled in a minimum of 20 million viewers between the mainstream news networks (minus Fox that refused to show it). Not included are streaming views that could add up to millions.

-January 6 opening hearing on Thursday, June 9: 20 million

-2022 NBA Finals: 11.78 million

-2021 final game World Series: 11.76 million

-Celebrity Apprentice: 7.6 million

-American Idol: 6.5 million

-Survivor: 5.7 million

-The Apprentice: 4.6 million

The breakdown among the main news outlets:

-ABC: 5.2 million

-MSNBC: 4.3 million

-NBC: 3.7 million

-CBS: 3.5 million

-CNN: 2.6 million

The second 1/6 hearing will air Monday, June 13, at 10:00am.