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Saxman: Trust – Gone with the 60s Wind, 1/6 Committee, California Dreaming, $5 Gas, and Cannabis Concerns.

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Top Ten for the week:

  1. 1/6 Committee went prime time last night (Thursday) in an effort to drive eye balls and focus media attention over the weekend talk shows. Q – is anyone undecided on what happened a year and a half ago? Hint – rather than watch the hearings, I shampooed two large carpeted rooms. Twice. Daughter-in-law to be moves in this weekend. #priorities
  2. Oldest child Mary Kathryn (28 and 23/24ths) emailed this morning and included this about 1/6 Committee: “Hard to get people to care about something from a year and a half ago when they can’t even afford their current lives and can’t feed their children. I hope you’re following Wall Street buying residential properties in large quantities with no intention of selling them. No one is talking about it. Forcing the average joe to continuously rent and renters now charging out the ass now because they can. Friend of mine in NYC had her rent doubled. I thought our increase was bad… $400 increase by the way. She makes well over 6 figures and has to move and cant afford to buy. Kyle (Sgt USMC) and I will be building when the time comes.” Probably not a good time to recall Sears and Roebuck Kit Homes. Adjusted for inflation they would run between 25 and 85k.
  3. Is it too late to have hearings on Hillary Clinton’s disinformation campaign? Reminder – as late as October of 2020 – Hillz was complaining that the 2016 election “was not on the level.” [2] Shout out to HRC campaign manager Robby Mook for agreeing with her and her former advisor Doug Schoen also called her out in the WSJ this week –  [3]“abundantly likely that Mrs. Clinton not only knew about but led the entire smear campaign.” This is not WhatAboutism – this is what is driving much of the anger on the Right. This is also the power of calling out your own.
  4. Tuesday’s election results from California were STUNNING. Not only did San Francisco voters throw out via RECALL their horrendous District Attorney, but in the LA Mayor’s race, Rick Caruso and U.S. Rep. Karen Bass will square off in a November runoff in their costly race to become Los Angeles’ next mayor, with the two far ahead of the rest of the primary field. [4] Former Republican Caruso leads Bass 42-37 with just over 53% of the vote in. Click here for updates. [5] Seems there is a limit to what folks will tolerate and it’s called Personal Safety.
  5. With that comes the most recent conversation on guns. Pure political reality is pointing to some movement in the U.S. Senate on additional federal restrictions being passed. Political reality is governed by the calendar. Three factors dictate movement – A) the Republican primary season is pretty well determined and B) so is the likelihood of the GOP taking control of the House and Senate with C) rising crime nationally maintaining self-defense narrative. It’s called compromise, folks. Republicans can make some moves here and appeal to general election suburban voters and Democrats have to take a deal home. #Progress? D) now do video games and movies. Oh but the market…
  6. Okay? Now do American energy policy. #FiveDollarGallon
  7. The Atlantic has another very good article this week – HOW SAN FRANCISCO BECAME A FAILED CITY [7].
  8. Last weekend, Michele and I took youngest of the Four, John (20), to Manhattan for a summer internship. 40,000 steps in just under 30 hours left us with several impressions. A) The 9/11 Memorial is as emotionally powerful and moving as any I have ever experienced. Art can be so good. B) NYC has declined in the last ten years. Homeless and mentally unwell people are everywhere. Sitting in the middle of sidewalks begging or just off to the side in a daze. It’s sad and depressing. C) The stench of marijuana is constantCONSTANT. Very unpleasant smell and I’m surprised we didn’t get a contact high. Also constant? Lack of workers in shops and restaurants. #CorrelationOrCausation?#2ndHandSmoke. Doubt we ever go back – other than to pick up John. Been there. Done that. Lived there in late 80s. Box checked.
  9. Speaking of marijuana – Allysia Finley wrote a very interesting column in the WSJ – Cannabis and the Violent Crime Surge Heavy marijuana use among youths is leading to more addiction and antisocial behavior. [8] Legislative idea – mandatory toxicology reports from violent crimes. She concludes “Maybe it’s time that lawmakers and voters rethink their pot-legalization experiment before more young lives are damaged.”


  10. Remember last week when I discussed a group text thread in which the topic of the hour was “When did it all go to sh*t?”

    Some blamed the Mets beating the Orioles in the ‘69 World Series to which I correctly replied it was the American League adoption of the Designated Hitter in 1973. My mom always said it was the dishwasher since that stopped families working together after meals.

But this chart from Axios wins the argument.

Survey SAYS? …Vietnam.


Trust is the binding element in any relationship. You know – hand shake deals and all that comes with it.

Teaching right and wrong has been replaced with laws and regulations.

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Aaaand FINALLY….this week in charts.

Are Asians smarter or just more married and much less divorced?


Does that impact wealth inequality? Graduation Rates?



Inflation is a beast at crushing any wealth creation in lower economic brackets right now.


It’s the economy, stupid. Six month averages for Rs, Ds, and Biden:


Speaking of calling out your own – it looks like the Trump Off Ramp could be a viable exit sooner than you think.


And just to make you say Thank God It’s Friday!


So it’s been 30 years since The Cure sang “Friday – I’m in Love”


Great 80s tunes: Belinda Carlisle and the Go Gos followed by Rick Astley.

[22] [23]

Want art? John Coltrane.