With One Week Until Convention, Challenger Dan Moy Sprints Toward Finish

“I think [Bob Good] has been missing in action when it comes to working on the issues that would address the problems in our local economy.” -Dan Moy

With the Fifth Congressional District convention one week away, Republican Dan Moy, who is challenging Freedom Caucus incumbent Bob Good, continues to cover ground from one end of the district to the other. And he’s made inroads.

Spend a little time with this charismatic candidate and it doesn’t take long to recognize he’s a natural-born leader. An Air Force veteran with 27 years of service, his experience is extensive through time spent in Afghanistan and the Pentagon. Married with two young children, he serves as chairman of the Charlottesville Republican Committee.

He’s an impressive candidate to meet with his conservative values and veteran leadership.

Travel in the district has been almost non-stop since winter, attending unit meetings, coffee shop gatherings, meet-and-greets, mass meetings, and everywhere else voters tend to gather. Today he will be in South Boston greeting voters at the Factory Street Brewing Company.

Perhaps the most glaring difference right now between Moy and his opponent is that Moy supports helping the independent country Ukraine after the unprovoked war from Russia that has caused deaths and destruction the past three months. His opponent voted this week against Ukrainian help, again. What’s so ironic about all this is that Good’s megachurch and former employer, Liberty University, are totally behind the people of Ukraine. So why does the congressman continue to vote against it?

While both candidates are conservative, Moy’s approach is more inclusive with a leadership that would welcome all constituents, not just those who agreed with him. His door would be open. Literally. He would reopen congressional offices throughout the district that were closed when Good was elected two years ago. Two years is more than enough for such a divisive person.

Stop by Factory Street Brewing Company today if you’re in South Boston. You’ll see Dan when you walk in the door. He will be the one smiling and talking with everyone.

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