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Saxman: Derby Upset, Roe, Recession, and James Bond

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First things first – If you have not watched the aerial view of last week’s Kentucky Derby, take 54 seconds to watch and hear the call of Rich Strike’s historic victory. It’s thrilling. Chills. every. time.

I should leave this week’s newsletter here and just make that required viewing, but alas – politics.

We are now ten days post the SCOTUS Leak heard ‘round the world and the initial public polling is not showing much movement. The cross tabs on the abortion are starting to show usable data but the question will be, in November, to what end?

The issue is moving up the ranks of issues of most concern to the public according to the recent Monmouth poll [4] which was in the field just two days after The Leak hit.


Bad vibes for both Biden and Trump could mean change for both parties in 2024.