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KGBob Opposes Support for Ukraine … Again

As Ukraine’s defenders continued to push Russia [1] out of the Kharkiv region [2], the House of Representatives vote to keep the pressure on the Kremlin by voting to appropriate roughly $40 billion in additional military and humanitarian aid for the Black Sea democracy …

… and the Putinist [3] wing [4] of the Republican Party was out in force to oppose it.

The usual suspects were in the No column [5] on continuing to arm the Ukrainians: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert … and Virginia’s very own KGBob Good.

Congressman Double-Plus-Un-Good has a history of telling [6] Ukraine [7] to pound sand. The question for Virginia voters is this: will they allow themselves to be represented by someone who outsources his vote to Moscow?

Republicans will answer first next week; if they don’t act, it will be up to the district as a whole in November to spare Virginia from further embarrassment given it by KGBob.