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Jason Kenney Departs BD to Become Alberta Premier and Save Desperate Conservatives

Bearing Drift regrets to announce that Jason Kenney, one of our oldest contributors, has left the blog.

Kenney announced his resignation from Bearing Drift upon assuming the post as Premier of Alberta early this morning, replacing the former Canadian cabinet minister of the same name (no relation).

The Virginia-born Kenney moved north to take the reins of Alberta in order to keep the governing United Conservative Party of Alberta from losing the next provincial election, which is scheduled for next year.

While the new premier has no direct experience in Canadian politics, he has long been a non-playing character (if you will) in Alberta, having received numerous communications from Canadians inside and outside Alberta who have [1] confused [2] him with his now-removed predecessor.

His responses have usually been in good humor and won plaudits all around, such as the staff of Curiocity, for example.

For those who don’t actually seek the correct information, @Jkenney [3] and @JasonKenney [4] are often mixed up on the platform and over the last few years Virginia Jason has received what we can only imagine has been hundreds of messages … some of which he actually chooses to share with his 7,260 followers.

Since then, he’s actually become pretty involved in Alberta’s politics, trolling both supporters and those who disagree with the way that the province is being run in the comments and we Stan.

Despite everything that he’s received he’s managed to stay pretty light-hearted about the confusion, even taking the opportunity to drive his new-found audience to several charitable organizations including the World Pediatric Project [5] – so toss him a follow.

It wasn’t long before the UCP, desperate to reverse falling poll numbers [6], would replace one Jason Kenney with the other.

BD readers are certainly familiar with “our” Jason Kenney; I’m sure I speak for my fellow colleagues in wishing him well in his new post.

The former Premier Kenney was elected in 2019. It is not known what his future plans are, but according to BD Editor-in-Chief Lynn Mitchell, he has not reached out to offer posts to this site.

Congratulations, Jason!