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Kish: Air Force Veteran Dan Moy Has What It Takes to Be a Serious Congressman for 5th District

By Alex Kish

I have been a Republican since the first time I voted, which was for Ronald Reagan in 1984 when I was in college.

More importantly, I am the son of a Hungarian Freedom Fighter who was forced to flee his home city of Budapest when the Soviet tanks rolled in in 1956.

Ronald Reagan stood up to the Russians.

But Bob Good is a co-sponsor of H.R. 6648, the purpose of which is to “prohibit the obligation or expenditure of military or security assistance to Ukraine until operational control of the United States — Mexico border is achieved.”

Bob Good wants to grandstand on the border while Russian tanks yet again roll into another country to crush the democratic aspirations of a sovereign nation. Have you no shame, Rep. Good? You are unworthy of the office you hold.

I have submitted my application with the campaign of Dan Moy, a 27-year veteran of the Air Force, to be a delegate to the Republican primary convention on May 21st so that I can personally vote against you.

If you want a serious person who understands our national security problems to be your congressman in Washington, and not an unserious showboating simpleton like Bob Good, then I ask that you do the same.

Alex Kish is the Director of Research Administration for the School of Data Science at UVA. He has a PhD from the Faculty of Theology from the Free University of Amsterdam where his dissertation was on the origins of the Baptist movement among the Hungarians. It was subsequently published by Brill Series in Church History. He lives in Fluvanna County.