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Olson: One Year After January 6 Capitol Riot, Recounts Still Show Joe Biden Won

By Rick Olson

Today is the one-year anniversary of the insurrection on Capitol Hill. I find it worth noting that the last time there was an invasion (even an attempted invasion) of the Capitol was during the War of 1812 so it was not an insignificant event. And make no mistake; the intent of that mob was to stop the certification of the presidential election. Had they been successful, Trump might still be in office so truly the goal was to initiate a coup.

Some have suggested that most of the people were there for a peaceful protest, and while that may be the case, there were apparently at least 700 (and likely many more who haven’t been charged) with a goal of disrupting the legal process required for the certification of the next President – Joe Biden.

While that is truly a disturbing event – made possible by Donald Trump who has continued to fool these people into believing the election was stolen through extensive fraud – the more troubling story that has come to light in greater focus is the extent to which Donald Trump and his allies attempted to throw out millions of legal votes in order to install himself in a second term.

Every action he and his supporters took to persuade, cajole, or coerce other elected leaders and election officials to throw out legal votes is traitorous. For evidence you need look no further than Trump’s conversation with Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The conversation was recorded and in it you can hear Donald Trump attempting to coerce Raffensperger into “finding” the votes necessary to shift Georgia into a win for Trump.

Raffensperger had been rebuffing attempts from Trump’s cronies ever since the election. Thankfully, Raffensperger stood strong against the attempted coup. Did he ignore Trump and his cronies? No. He investigated every accusation and recounted Georgia’s vote three times. Every accusation was proven to be false. There was no evidence of fraudulent voting. Biden won the election.

And evidence of the attempted coup goes well beyond Georgia. In Arizona Trump found willing ears for his election lie. The Arizona Senate initiated its own investigation into the Arizona vote. The result not only found no evidence of fraud, but actually found that Trump lost Arizona by a wider margin than reported by state election officials.

There have been similar stories in multiple states where Trump and his supporters attempted to have votes thrown out, or electors replaced with Trump electors.

Ever since the election 14 months ago there has been more and more evidence that Trump was making every effort to persuade, cajole, or coerce anyone who would listen that the election was fraudulent. All of that effort was successful, initiating vote recounts, audits, and thorough investigations in dozens of states. The results have all been the same: there was no fraudulent voting and Joe Biden won the election – period.

Rick Olson is a former senior staff member to Governor George Allen, former Senior Director of Government Affairs for Capital One, and currently stay-at-home dad with three kids teaching them to love, respect, and honor our country.