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It’s Time To Bring Class and Respect Back Into Politics

A house I drive by on a regular basis displayed a Trump flag for much of 2020 and into 2021, and then it was removed a few months ago.

As I drove by this week, the flag had been replace by another flag that said, “F**K BIDEN.”

What would make people be so coarse that they would display something that offensive for all to see? It never occurred me to ever fly such a flag against any Democratic president or anyone else for that matter.

There was a time when the GOP would have been appalled at one of their own displaying something so crude and, indeed, I came across this from former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling who recently wrote on Facebook [1]:

“A serious request of my Republican friends. Stop it with the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ stuff. You know what it means. It’s vulgar, offensive, and disrespectful. Be better than that.”

What followed was a mostly civil thread of comments that addressed the growing issue of vulgarity in the public forum.

I’ll continue to fly the American flag because, as I have said for decades, the bottom line is we’re all Americans.