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It Ain’t All Moonlight and Roses

My humble little prediction prior to the polls closing for Virginia 2021 was that Youngkin would win by 3.

And while the results from the elections are certainly something every member of the Elephant Clan should be proud of, leave it to me to try and … gently remind them that it was not a landslide.

The Donkey Clan suffered from several errors, not the least of which was a horrible campaign and the candidate who never got out of his own way.

I have no doubt that Mr. McAuliffe now knows what not to say. And as bad as it is to tell parents to stay out of education, the lesson it taught was but one part of the education issue.

Virginia’s parents are not comfortable with the policy shifts in education the last two years. Generally. And McAuliffe’s gaffe at the final debate opened a door that Youngkin happily walked right through.

Herein lies the lesson.

One of my many favorite people texted me this morning and said, “Republicans delirious if they think it was a mandate…”

He is right.

Although there will be many quality analyses coming forward in the days to come, Youngkin won by a couple of points. There are still millions of Virginians who voted blue. If the Elephant Clan goes to Richmond on a crusade of social issues, their “wave” will crash to shore and they will soon suffer the fate dealt to the Donkey Clan last night.

Govern accordingly, Elephants.