Election Season Closing Argument

Why I Hope Terry McAuliffe Wins

The role of a fever is to create an environment so inhospitable that it kills the virus or bacteria infecting the body. The question is whether the fever will be able to kill the infection before it kills the body. Basically, it’s a game of biological chicken.

There is an infection in the Republican Party. It’s been there for a long time, lying dormant, waiting for the ideal conditions to spread. Every once in a while there would be a flare-up or an unmasked tic hinting at the rot taking hold beneath the surface, but like the cancer that grows undetected before spreading to other organs, this disease has reached its tentacles throughout the body politic of the GOP.

The thing about this affliction is that, like a virus that uses a body’s cells as a vessel in which to replicate, this political disease uses mutated versions of conservative beliefs to spread. It warps and disfigures long held convictions until the organelles can no longer function beyond their ability to replicate the virus.

The conservative conviction of personal responsibility has been hijacked by an anti-mask, anti-vaccine rhetoric that goes against the other conservative belief of patriotism. Patriotism is a love of country, and one should want to protect what one loves.

Instead, the harder R an area is the harder hit it has been by COVID-19 because, in a mutation of purpose, personal responsibility has become obstinate bullheadedness that makes people dying of a disease, for which we have a vaccine and effective preventative protections like masks, martyrs to a cause rather than victims of a pandemic.

Patriotism is not an ideological caste system, but under the ravages of the GOP’s current affliction, that is what it has mutated into with the highest caste being reserved for Performative Patriotism.

How can someone be patriotic if they despise half of their fellow countrymen? The short answer is that they cannot. The kind of patriotism that claims that only people with one idea actually love their country is nationalism and is the antithesis of the democratic values that are the foundation of our republic.

On a bottle of antibiotics, there is a label that clearly states, “Medication should be taken until finished.” Maybe it’s an old wives tale, but I was told this is because if a patient stops halfway through a drug regimen only the weak virus cells will be killed off and that just leaves the strongest to multiply, making you even sicker.

So there is a disease raging in the modern GOP of illogical extremism, and the piling up of political losses are the fever and the antibiotics trying to kill it off. However, should the fever break or the antibiotics be stopped by a Youngkin win on Tuesday, the virus will multiply with the most extreme elements left in the party because the others have already been driven off. The prescription has not had time to work yet, and a McAuliffe win would be the bitter pill that needs to be swallowed to keep the heat turned up in the hopes that the Republican Party can survive.

Why I Hope Glenn Youngkin Wins

There is an anime called “Full Metal Alchemist” (FMA) that I watch with my sons. I won’t fill these pages with the intricacies of this Japanese animated show, but there is a relevant concept that runs through it: (from the show) “Alchemy; the science of understanding the structure of matter, breaking it down, then reconstructing it as something else… To create, something of equal value must be lost. This is the principle of Equivalent Exchange.”

Basically, the concept is built around Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

In FMA, failure to follow the principle of Equivalent Exchange results in one brother losing an arm and the other brother’s spirit being trapped in a suit of metal battle armor (trust me, it makes sense in the world of anime). In the real world, ignoring Equivalent Exchange has cost the Left its ears and its heart.

Democrats learned nothing from Donald Trump, and they are doubling down on all the things that lead to his win and the influx of right-wing extremism. In their effort to rebuild the structure of our country, they did not take into account or prepare for the opposite and equal reaction.

Liberals’ knee jerk reaction to demonize, demoralize, and dismiss their fellow countrymen created the space for Donald Trump’s demagoguery to take root.

The complete and profound lack of grace shown by people who made a great show of the fact that they believed themselves smarter, more ethical, and supremely more enlightened than the people they believed inferior because those people thought about nothing more than their God, their guns, and them gays.

This talking down to anyone with a divergent view created a rift in this country that forced people to pick either the side of those who were belittling them or the side with a guy who told them that they were the real Americans. It’s no surprise why folks swung across the crevasse to the open, waiting arms of the far-right. Even if they didn’t believe what the far-right had to say, at least they weren’t telling them they were knuckle dragging dunderheads.

While claiming to be the faction of truth and justice, many Democrats believe that they should be judge, jury, and executioner should someone express a point of view or say something with which they disagree. Regularly, Twitter and Google algorithms light up with calls to summarily cancel people without debate. Lives are destroyed over a single bad choice that somehow negates every other moment in a person’s life, every other choice they’ve ever made, every defense that they could give.

There is no room for growth in this worldview because liberal thought warriors will troll through decades-old statements and then pin a long discarded belief to a person’s chest like a scarlet letter and then banish them to the outskirts of society. Big Brother could not be prouder even if they used the hashtag #MinistryOfLove and strapped cages of rats to people’s faces; their power is built on a fiat of fear and an empire of acquiescences.

Glenn Youngkin is not the devil that the Democrats have portrayed. The vast majority of those who support him, just like the vast majority of those who supported President Trump, are not doing so out of some willful desire to put their boot on the neck of any other group nor are they mouth breathing ignoramuses who want to put women in red hoods and replace math books with Bibles. A Youngkin win may help cure the superiority complex plaguing many on the left and help them learn that to change minds one must lead with their heart and not their wagging finger.

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