The Big Lie Is Officially Pregnant

For anyone who was willing to bet serious money that Republicans in Virginia would shout “fraud” before the sun rose next Wednesday – well, you missed your chance at the windfall, because they’ve already started, making the bet moot.

Amidst the understandable joy Virginia Republicans feel for pulling themselves into contention in this year’s statewide election polls, we are already seeing them take the “fraud” off-ramp if the polls happen to pull a 2017 (i.e., underestimate Democratic support). State Senator Amanda Chase is already binging on the Kool Aid.

I know how Democrats are cheating, and that info has been given to the Youngkin campaign. I’m already getting reports.

It’s even reached this very website (emphasis in original).

There has been a lot of focus on ballot boxes. That’s not where the election fraud is going to occur folks. Where the election fraud — and I firmly believe it is election fraud without one iota of moonbattery or silliness — has already occurred is in the mass mailing of ballot applications qua ballots to Virginia voters where voter harvesting has now been legalized.

In short, the Democrats have about a 150-180K advantage, if for no other reason than they are simply better at the game than we are. That might narrow, but once again we are going to see a Pennsylvania style result where Republicans think and feel they are winning based on what they see at the polls on Election Day — and then the Democrats will cash out their savings and Republicans will be shocked.

The voter fraud has already been committed. Once those ballots are opened and in the general population? There is no audit that can be performed.

This is quite the convenient excuse for any future election loss: the steal is in the mail and it’s impossible to find. Hesto presto, any election result within 5 points (based upon projected turnout) can be thrown into doubt and no legitimacy need be given to anyone elected.

To be clear, should Youngkin et al pull it off, there will be plenty of minimizing and expectations shifting from Democrats (for those of you asking – yeah, probably including me), but you may notice no one on our side is insisting that Youngkin et al are engaged in election theft on the installment plan.

Congratulations to the Big Lie – soon to be the proud parent of Little Lies all across Virginia and New Jersey. Maybe even Curtis Sliwa will claim he’s Mayor of New York.

Never mind the corrosive effect this kind of thing has on democracy as a whole. Pay no heed to those concerned that come 2024, this is exactly the kind of logic that would lead a legislature or a state election board to declare an election guilty until proven innocent and throw out the will of the people.

That would never happen, right?

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