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Saxman: Biden Tanks in Polls. How Will That Impact the Virginia Elections?

Well, I had a great weekend – saw the Rolling Stones in Nashville.

Mick Jagger is 78 and the Stones just absolutely crushed it. Posted the opening below.

Joe Biden and the Democrats? Not so much.

Just look at the Real Clear Politics average below. Biden went from -3.2 to -9.5 almost overnight – as an average.

Joe Biden is also 78.



What the heck happened?

Well, that ain’t the GOP or Trump voters suddenly disapproving of Joe Biden’s job performance.


And it ain’t Afghanistan anymore.

Nope nope.

Folks, that can only be the left progressives furious at the inability of the Biden administration to pass their ginormous spending plans saying “We’re outta here!”

Just look at the severity of that spike. That doesn’t just happen – until it does.

And it did.

If this is the progressive left fed up with their own party, Democrats are in a world of hurt and the elections here in Virginia will be the first manifestation of that new math.

This might help propel Andrew Yang’s new Forward Party  [2]to create a serious electoral problem for center left politics in America.

But that is only IF the Republicans don’t do the same and have a break away Trump or Trump Less movement of their own.

Perhaps we are destined to have a multi party system after all.

Here’s the opening song from the concert Saturday night.

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