A Wall of Signs

Caroline GOP Chairman Jeff Sili, Westmoreland GOP Chairman Alan Aylor, and Youngkin for Governor 1st District Field Director David Abbey built the Republican Party of Virginia booth at the Virginia State Fair located in a prime spot outdoors on Wednesday.

The plan which has been several months in the making features signs from many of the delegates running statewide and a large map to show attendees in what district they reside to vote in the upcoming election. Taking most of the day and working in the rain, not to mention some unexpected wind, these guys say you’d be amazed what you can do with t-posts, rope, conduit, and gorilla tape, all the things the chairmen carry anyway to put up the campaign signs you now see throughout Virginia.

The larger signs will be mounted and go up on Friday. More pictures will follow throughout the week so stay tuned, and by the way if you are a delegate who did not respond to the call sent out by the caucus, time to get your signs to the site and people to volunteer. Call Mary Grace Downey at Republican Party of Virginia to volunteer.

The state Fair of Virginia starts Friday the 24th of September and ends October 3rd and will be attended by tens of thousands of people.



Update: The build is done! Come join us at the Virginia State Fair!


Update:  All three statewide candidates visited the State Fair of Virginia today!

Jason Miyares, candidate for Attorney General, Glen Youngkin, candidate for Governor, Winsome Sears, candidate for Lt. Governor, and Jeff Sili, Caroline County Republican Committee Chairman

As a political wife, I’ve learned much over the years on protocols and common-sense things which make campaigning a bit easier.  Number one: eat before you go to multiple events so “hangry” isn’t your friend when trying to meet and talk to new people, wear comfortable shoes, and make sure your “front people” have that extroverted personality especially in a new place where you know next to nobody.

The front people as you walk through a crowd are your salesmen who bring folks to you (while you’re busy talking to others) or who agree to meet you so you can find out what’s important to them while imparting what issues are important to you, and how you plan to solve them. Good “front people” will create a line of folks willing or wanting to talk with you so you don’t miss anybody.

I have never met a ticket that needed no “front people,” but this year is an exception.  Youngkin, Sears, and Miyares, and their genuine like for people and synergy are apparent. It’s amazing to watch the easy way all three find common ground with diverse groups of people.  All three literally never meet a stranger.

This “down to earth attribute” is not only a key in electability, but in understanding what real people need in policy once they are elected. To say they were well received by the public at the fair is an understatement.  I don’t know the real count, but my guess is 300 signs walked out of the event today for this ticket.

Here are some more pictures from the State Fair on Saturday.







Jason Myaires, candidate for Attorney General, and Glen Youngkin, candidate for Governor, try out one of the popular rides at the State Fair of Virginia. All three gubernatorial ticket members including Winsome Sears were at the fair Saturday.

A great staff of volunteers were on hand to show voters where they vote, who represents them, and even how to register and early-vote.





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