U.S. Capitol Police On Alert. Will Another 1/6 Occur on 9/18?

Next weekend, one week after the nation commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, another “rally” is planned for the U.S. capital, according to reporter Chris Marquette at Roll Call:

The Capitol Police department is preparing for potential violence at a Sept. 18 protest that members of Congress have been invited to attend.

The organization Look Ahead America — led by Matt Braynard, a former Trump campaign employee — requested a permit for up to 500 people to demonstrate at noon Sept. 18 in Union Square for a so-called #JusticeForJ6 rally. The event is intended to support those arrested as a result of storming the Capitol on Jan. 6 and to call for justice for a rioter who was fatally shot that day. More than 570 defendants have been arrested in connection with the attack, according to the Department of Justice.

An intelligence evaluation from the Capitol Police said there could be violence at the rally.

Some indications are this event may extend to “rallies” beyond D.C.

The Proud Boys put out a video that encourages members of the far-right extremist group to attend the rally, and White Lives Matter is promoting a nationwide protest on Sept. 18 that includes the District of Columbia, according to Capitol Police intelligence. White Lives Matter is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a neo-Nazi group.

Violence and the threat of violence has been a constant on the Capitol grounds this year. Over 140 Metropolitan Police Department and Capitol Police officers were injured in relation to the Jan. 6 riot.

Shortly after the insurrection, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died; Officer Howard Liebengood later died by suicide. In April, Officer William “Billy” Evans was killed when an attacker slammed a car into him and Officer Kenny Shaver, who was injured. And in August, law enforcement arrested a man claiming to have a bomb in his truck near the Capitol after a hourslong standoff with police.


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