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It’s Time We Actually Stand for Life and Mean It

I have been Pro-Life since I can remember. As a Republican, conservative, and a Catholic, my stance on life was always an easy one to come to conclusions on.

These beliefs were fully realized when I became a father – and I was able to see my future son, then the size of a lime, swimming to and fro in my wife’s womb, with little round arms, legs, and head – like an adorable Pixar character. I cried with joy.

How can anyone deny this wasn’t a life? It’s moments like this that are at the corner of the pro-life movement and in the minds of everyday Americans who share this belief. Moments of affirmant can be another’s moment of realization. It’s moments like this that may change an opinion or two.

And it’s moments like this that can be undermined and jeopardized by impulsive, red meat legislation coming from our neighbors to the South.

The pro-life movement has gone far in recent years. Science is starting to come to the movement’s aid. We are able to see fetuses earlier than ever, discover their gender, their heartbeat – with more clarity than ever before.

Millennials and Gen-Z are becoming more vocal on their views on life. Roe v. Wade is receiving new challenges. All of this is incredible

But the movement must affirm to opportunistic politicians what standing for life actually means. At the root, it is about the child and the world in which he/or she is brought into. What life – full life – they can have. Life is complicated – and life is full of exceptions and

As a Catholic, forgiveness and compassion is at the core of my belief system – and at the core of the pro-life movement. However, absolutes, enforced restriction, and money-driven incentives to report neighbors in pursuit of a political agenda do not and should not represent the people that truly hold pro-life views or life movement as a whole.

This moment in American history must not be met with a half-baked plan or a plan that will make TV audiences happy. This moment requires specifics. This is bigger than a failure to come up with a plan to replace Obamacare when the time came. It must be stressed being pro-life does not stop after birth.

It is imperative that we build a pro-life society by providing educational opportunities and support to young parents in a Commonwealth where each child can grow and thrive. Universal Pre-K, by using state lottery funds, must be made accessible and free without raising tax payer dollars.

Parental classes should be provided by potential partners such as community colleges or high schools – to help young parents that may be overwhelmed or scared.

Adoption – especially adoption of American children – must be made easier and more affordable. Single moms must know they have options and that they are not alone.

These societal incentives and safety nets will be the ones that reduce abortion over time. These measures make society turn more towards the sign of life and promise. A hope of a better future for all God’s children – the Commonwealth, in America, and beyond. These measures are worth it and address the problem at the source – without mandate or debatable overreach.

Now is the time to bring more fellow Americans on the side of life. We have come too far to undercut our own message for viral political clout.