Saxman: Donde Esta Denver?

Never miss a good chance to shut up – Will Rogers

Two weeks ago, former Congressman Denver Riggleman was caught by CNN’s Ryan Nobles “emerging from Nancy Pelosi’s office.”

If you listen carefully to the video in the tweet below, Riggleman is unusually quiet answering Nobles’ questions. Then notice the staffer trying to skillfully manage the conversation away from Nobles. Presumably that is a Pelosi staffer.

Riggleman seems to know he has a good chance to do something important for the country and is trying to shut up about it. And that’s hard for Denver because he LOVES to rip a great quote off on the air. Google some – he’s really good at it.

Since this brief but telling encounter Riggleman has been pretty much radio silent on the 1/6 Select Committee and many other topics.

I did have a text exchange with him last Thursday in which he said the Pelosi team had not gotten back to him since that meeting.

When I mentioned to him this tweet from a Forbes reporter with a notable quote from Commission Chair Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS 2nd):

Riggleman replied:

If they try to control what I can see I’m out.

Good on him.

This commission needs to be totally above board with everything. This nation is desperately in need of trust being rebuilt by our institutions. The 1/6 Select Committee is an excellent place to start a rebuild and Riggleman would be a great addition to it.

Since then Riggleman has continued his very below the radar status. Even his old campaign page on Facebook is either hidden or gone.

Usually Denver is very active and vocal on social media as well as cable news outlets. Hell, he didn’t even take a swipe at Andrew Cuomo yesterday. And that’s like falling out of boat on a lake and hitting water easy.

A tailor-made time for a pithy pundit like ol’ Red Flag Riggleman and nada, nothing, rien? (Red Flag Riggleman was my nickname for him when he called into my radio show – his sarcasm and wit had to be explained so it wouldn’t be taken out of context.)

But something’s up. I know this guy too well to know that nothing is happening.

No one has ever accused me of being Big Casino during trips to Las Vegas, but if I were there I’d put good money on Denver being given a sizable role on the 1/6 Select Committee.

Right now, I can only put hope on it.

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