Bob Good Votes Against Letting Afghan Allies Come to the U.S.

There are very few of us left who recognize the danger of abandoning Afghanistan to the Taliban. In a irony as cruel to the Afghans and helpful to the Iraqis, it is the latter that will get a permanent presence of American troops in the very logistical support that is being denied to the former (Politico). For reasons that elude me, Washington understands the danger of foreign forces in Iraq, while having no such recognition for a similar danger in Afghanistan (Foreign Affairs).

There are, however, far more people who recognize that we need to do right by all of the Afghans who bravely stood with us and our allies against the Taliban. While the Afghan people as a whole will suffer under a resurgent Taliban, those who worked with American and NATO troops will be especially targeted – and indeed, already are (CNN).

So it was no surprise that the House of Representatives took up and passed H.R. 3985, which opens up 8,000 visas to America for the Afghans who came to our aid. Representatives across the spectrum voted for it – including all four of “the Squad.” The vote was nearly unanimous.


It so happened that 16 Republican Congressmen remain so wedded to the miasmic combination of Trump’s isolationism and racism that they refused to support allowing up to 8,000 of our Afghan allies to escape the Taliban. The usual suspects were among them: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Bobert, Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, Jody Hice …

… and Bob Good.

That’s right, Virginia’s own official member of the crazy caucus voted to slam the door on the people who risked life and limb for us.

Well done, Virginia Republicans. Great job all around.

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