What’s Wrong With 4 More Years of Democratic Control? Look No Further Than Hala Ayala.

The Democrats this campaign cycle are gaslighting Virginians. First, they pretend that they weren’t in charge when COVID struck the Commonwealth. Then, they pretend like the McAuliffe Administration never happened. And then finally, to add insult to injury, after trying to paint Republicans as conspiracy-laced corporate shills, they prop up Del. Hala Ayala as their nominee for Lieutenant Governor – right after she took money from Dominion Energy – after pledging not to.

Should we be surprised by this level of lying and hypocrisy? Not at all.

The great poet Maya Angelou once said when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Hala Ayala has shown the Commonwealth who she is. Another politician who will say one thing, and do another. This makes her fit right in with her ticket – which comprises of slick Clintonite and proud huckster Terry McAuliffe, and Mark Herring who thought Black face was an appropriate Halloween choice.

In taking money from Dominion Energy, Hala not only broke a promise to her voters, she betrayed the Democratic Party base who seems to be staunchly anti-Dominion. She chalks it up to a “change of mind,” but if you have true principles, a simple mind change should not be able to persuade you.

Hala Ayala is not a candidate for the people. She’s bought and paid for by the world of the corporate and elite that is trying to purchase the Commonwealth. Taking money from a big corporation won’t be the last time Hala breaks her promise. It’s only a taste of what’s to come if she is elected this November. Virginia cannot afford that.

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