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Terry McAuliffe Glides to Victory in Democratic Primary; Will Face GOP Glenn Youngkin in November

Democrats went to the polls today to decide who will face off against the Republican candidates in November.

By 8pm CNN and others were calling the gubernatorial race for former Governor Terry McAuliffe with 95 percent of the vote counted.

Here are the results:

-Terry McAuliffe: 62%
-Carroll Foy: 20%
-McClellan: 11%
-Fairfax: 4%
-Lee Carter: 3%

Lieutenant Governor
-Ayala: 39%
-Sam Rasoul: 25%
-Levine: 12%
-McClellan: 11%
-Perryman: 9%
-Warren: 4%

Attorney General
-Herring: 57%
-Jay Jones: 43%