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Ipsos Poll: Majority of Republicans Think Donald Trump is Still President

It did not surprise me to discover that a majority of Republicans still consider Election 2020 “believe the election was rigged or the result of illegal voting” (Ipsos [1]). This is just one more reminder of how powerful the Big Lie has become.

It was this nugget of information from the pollster that really threw me: 53% of Republicans believe Donald Trump is still the president.

Big Lie

Keep in mind, the only thing keeping people this wacky from running Virginia elections is a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion. The Governor chooses the Secretary of State. The Governor’s party has a majority on the State Board of Elections. The Governor’s party has a majority on every single local election board.

So even if Glenn Youngkin¬†wasn’t going all in on the “election integrity” schtick, his election would leave every future election for the next four years in the hands of a political party that flatly refuses to live in the real world.