Youngkin Retcons his Biden Comments: ‘I Have Said Before That Joe Biden Was Legitimately Elected’

Newly nominated Glenn Youngkin came up with an interesting move to address his refusal to acknowledge that Joe Biden’ was elected fair and square – namely, by claiming he said it all along (Fox Business):

“I have said before that Joe Biden was legitimately elected our president. He took the oath and was sworn in. He’s sleeping in the White House.”

This would come as quite the surprise to the folks who have covered him for months and never heard him say that (including our colleague Norm Leahy). That said, hypocrisy is vice’s tribute to virtue; by claiming he’s considered Biden election legitimate all along, Youngkin is admitting it now.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to get why the Big Lie is still a problem. He went on to discuss what he called “the real issues” – the pandemic, the economy, Right-to-Work, and crime. To be clear, these are issues worthy of addressing, although blaming Terry McAuliffe for a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline was rather … odd.

The bigger problem was what he did not mention: his own party’s attempts to suppress the vote and seize control of vote counting to prevent anything like having to admit a Democrat won an election ever again. As important as the issues Youngkin cited are (and they are), they’ll never be solved if things like Georgia Voting Wrongs Act prevent the will of the people from actually being heard.

If T-Mac needs to answer for what his party did over the last three years despite not being in office (and Democrat that I am, if T-Mac wants to run on the successes of himself and his successor, he needs to address the hiccups too), then Youngkin certainly needs to answer for his party’s attempts to rig future elections under the guise of “election integrity” …

… including his own endless references to the dog-whistle.

Background: Glenn Youngkin STILL Won’t Say the 2020 Election Was Legitimate

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