Kirk Cox: The Best Choice for Virginia & the GOP

In 2015 I ran unsuccessfully for the Virginia House of Delegates for the 74th district. At the time the district was a D+50, a district where all the dominos would have had to fall just right for me to win.

During the election and campaign, then House Majority Leader Del. Kirk Cox took time to donate to my campaign and also gave me an opportunity to talk with the entire House Republican Caucus. He believed in me and the importance of trying to grow the GOP, and I know that he is the only Republican candidate who can win in November.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to vote for Del. Cox this Saturday at the unassembled convention. Earlier this year I left the party so I am not allowed to participate in the nomination process. If the GOP had chosen a primary I would have enthusiastically cast my vote for him.

Kirk is the only person in the race who can win over independent voters in Virginia, a group needed in order to succeed on election day in November. He is someone who knows how to pull in not just independents but also Democrats.

In 2019 Del. Cox’s House district changed from a R+25 to a D+6.5. Kirk went on to win with 51.67%. He had to run the race of his political life to win and he did so because he knows his community and, more so, his community knows him.

His district knows Kirk as a kind and compassionate person who strives to bring people together to solve the problems that are affecting his district and Virginia. His community knows that he will do the right thing even when it may be politically easier to do something different.

Del. Cox is a man of his word. In 2015, as I tried to unseat Joe Morrissey, Kirk was there for me and would answer my phone call any time. He helped with my campaign when many wouldn’t.

There are some in the race for governor who like to talk about supporting candidates, but they are more talkative, and some enjoy the “outlaw” status, but Kirk’s words turn into action and support. Still to this day I know that I can call and talk with him and, while we may disagree on some things, I know he will always take the time to listen to what I have to say.

Del. Cox is only one of two people running for the Republican nomination that I can and will support in November. He is the GOP’s best chance at beating Terry McAuliffe who is likely to easily win the Democratic primary. There are people like myself out there who want to support the GOP nominee; however, there are many who are running for the nomination who will be a hard “no” to voters.

If the nominee is Kirk, he will be able to tap into his ability to reach across the aisle and attract independents and Democrats for the general election. He is a man that people can trust and is deserving to be not only the nominee but also the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are allowed to take part in this Saturday’s convention please rank Del. Cox as your number one choice.

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