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Poll of Millennials and Gen Z About President’s Approval, Quality of Life

Here’s a quick snapshot of polling numbers among young Americans, released Friday from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, that canvassed 18- to 29-year-olds….

President Joe Biden’s favorability rating among 18 to-29-year-olds:

-Favorable: 54% … up 20% since March 2020

-Unfavorable: 37% … down 10% since March 2020

Pres. Joe Biden’s approval rating among 18 to-29-year-olds:

-Approve: 59%

-Disapprove: 38%

Favorability rating for Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders:

-Favorable Biden: 54%

-Favorable Sanders 51%

-Unfavorable Biden: 37%

-Unfavorable Sanders: 32%

Hopeful about the future of America among 18 to-29-year-olds:

-White: 46% … up 11% since 2017

-Hispanic: 69% … up 40% since 2017

-Black: 72% … up 54% since 2017

Youth who believe lives will be better under Biden Administration:

-Black: 54%

-Hispanic: 51%

-White: 30%

“As a result of the Biden Administration, my life will be…” 

-White: 30% better … 28% worse

-Hispanic: 51% better … 10% worse

-Black: 54% better … 4% worse

Pres. Joe Biden’s handling of the issues, among 18 to-29-year-olds:

-Coronavirus: 65% approve … 32% disapprove

-Climate Change: 58% approve … 39% disapprove

-Race Relations: 57% approve … 41% disapprove

-Economy: 53% approve … 44% disapprove

-National Security: 52% approve … 45% disapprove

Need more open-mindedness in politics:

-Agree: 76%

-Disagree: 4%

The Harvard  Crimson [1] student newspaper added:

Sixty-eight percent of youth said they believe Biden won the election fairly, though only 26 percent of young Republicans said the same. One-third of Republican respondents said that Trump had responsibility in inciting the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, while 88 percent of Democrats felt the same way.

Thirty percent of young Americans said that history will judge Trump as “the worst president ever.”

Mark D. Gearan ’78, director of the Institute of Politics, said in the release that Gen Z provides “hope for the future.”

“As millennials and Gen Z become the largest voting bloc, their values and participation provide hope for the future and also a sense of urgency that our country must address the pressing issues that concern them,” he said.

Dive into the entire poll [2] for many more issues including social media platforms’ handling of politics and extreme views of the political parties.

The Harvard survey polled 18- to 29- year-olds, with undergraduate students from the Harvard Public Opinion Project (HPOP) and directed by John Della Volpe, was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs using the KnowledgePanel Calibration approach. In this approach, the calibrating sample was provided by the  KnowledgePanel probability-based sample source (n=1,005), while the sample to be calibrated was provided by non-probability, opt-in web panel sample sources (n=1,508). Interviews were conducted between March 9 and March 22, 2021.