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Time To Get Out!

I like to go shopping sometimes, so I went to Kohl’s and I was able to experience what everyone has been bitching about with the COVID protocol.

The fitting rooms are closed, so forget trying anything on your new COVID BOD. You have to guess. And walking around a store with poor lighting wearing a mask is awful. It gets hot … fast. Then you’re sweating. I hate to sweat when I’m dressed.

And when you go to check out … you’ll wait 20 minutes in an empty store.┬áBut I shouldn’t complain because the protocol is a small price to pay, I suppose.

So I’m thinking that some kind of event might be nice about now when a friend of mine messaged me about this event coming up on Tuesday. You can get out of the house and socialize, and also find some very useful information about the candidates who are vying for the Elephant Clan nominations.

So save the date and join the fun in King William on Tuesday. With this crowd, it won’t be boring.