Kirk Cox Receives Endorsement from State Sen. Emmett Hanger

RICHMOND, VA. — Virginia State Senator Emmett Hanger endorsed Kirk Cox for Governor on Thursday, calling Kirk the candidate most capable of leading and governing on the first day in office. Hanger, who has served in the Senate of Virginia since 1996, represents the 24th Senate District.

Hanger joins State Senators Tommy Norment and Frank Ruff, former State Senators Bill Carrico and Jeannemarie Davis, former Governors George Allen and Bob McDonnell, and over 500 other current and elected officials, and Republican Party leaders who support Kirk.

“I have served alongside Kirk in the General Assembly, and I can tell you what separates him from the other candidates in this race is that while everyone can talk about conservative governing, Kirk is the only one who has actually done it.” said Senator Hanger. “Kirk has defended our shared principles and worked on some of the toughest problems Virginia faces. He brings knowledge and a wealth of experience. More than anyone else in this race, he is actually prepared to govern and lead on day one.”

“We are excited to have Senator Hanger on our team, as we work to build a campaign that can unify not just Republicans, but all Virginians,” said Kirk. “Senator Hanger is a conservative leader, who understands the importance of governing. Democrats, with unified control of Richmond, have simply failed to govern. Our schools were left closed for too long, we were one of the worst state in the nation for COVID-19 and vaccine distribution, and the unemployment system failed people who were struggling and hurting. If Republicans are going to win in November, we’re going to need to show how we can address these issues and get Virginia back on track.”

“Representing the Shenandoah Valley has given me a unique perspective on this Commonwealth,” said Senator Hanger. “There’s a lot more than what people talk about in the halls of Richmond. I think Kirk understands that. He comes from middle-class roots, has experience as a school teacher and a coach, and knows that people are ready for a Governor who listens, understands them, and will work effectively for them.”

Kirk concluded, “Very few people understand Virginia and Virginia government like Senator Hanger, and I will rely on him for advice and ideas throughout this campaign and when I am Governor. I look forward to working alongside Senator Norment, Senator Hanger, and the entire Senate Republican Caucus to win back our majority in 2023.”

For a full list of endorsements announced by the campaign, click here.

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