Jack White Joins Republican Field for Attorney General

Jack White, a conservative attorney in Northern Virginia, announced Tuesday that he will seek the Republican nomination for Attorney General.

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A West Point graduate and Airborne-Air Assault Armor Officer in the U.S. Army, Mr. White then studied law and clerked for conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Here is Mr. White’s press release:

Fairfax, Virginia – On Tuesday, Conservative outsider Jack White announced he is running as a Republican candidate for Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Jack White is a conservative Republican candidate running to take on special interests in Richmond and stand up for Virginia families against federal overreach from Washington, D.C.

Jack White has dedicated his life and career to serving others, from being a preacher to attending West Point and serving as an Airborne-Air Assault Armor Officer in the Army.

His career then took him into studying the law, where he clerked for conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Now, as an attorney based in Northern Virginia, Jack is an advocate for Virginia families. He is currently representing a Virginia family taking on Arlington County Public Schools to reopen to in-person education. He’s also represented congregants fighting for their right to be in church during Coronavirus. Last year, Jack was appointed by the Trump Administration to take on the difficult and complex issue of sexual assault in the military.

“The people of Virginia deserve an Attorney General with the experience needed to protect your rights and the skills needed to beat the Federal Government in Court,” Jack White said.

“I have litigated and prevailed in court against Kamala Harris when she was Attorney General of California. And I can’t wait to defeat her political agenda again.”

“Virginia is being ill-served by our current lawyer, Mark Herring. He has put his politics ahead of supporting our police, your right to self defense, your religious liberty and your kids when he doesn’t fight to get our schools open. What Virginia needs is new representation,” Jack said.

“I am up to the task and ready for the job. It would be the honor of a lifetime to fight for all of you as the next Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” Jack White said.

Mr. White joins candidates Leslie Haley, Jason Miyares, and Chuck Smith in seeking the nomination.

As of this announcement, the exact method of nomination has still not been decided by the Republican Party of Virginia. A meeting of the State Central Committee this Friday is expected to iron that out for the convention to is expected to be held the first part of May.

For more information about Jack White check out his website: VoteJackWhite.com.

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