The New Political Party

Donald Trump is going to set the philosophy and norms for decorum for Republicans for generations to come.

If this gnaws at your soul, have you considered just joining with Democrats? Let’s be honest – Democrats are the only other game in town. Either Americans embrace Trump or they bend to the new bastion of the lesser evil and deflower their vote to the Democratic Party.

That is, unless, there’s another option.

Everyone who knows me understands that I’m about to make a pitch for the Libertarian Party.

My brief break from the Libertarian Party was coincidentally associated with the Republican Party’s untimely divorce from reason and goodness. Why not push the Libertarian Party on those Republicans to whom I used to write?

I’m not though. If that level of love for liberty, Constitution, and frustration with oligarchy has nestled itself inside you, then you’re already on your way. You don’t need me.

No, I come before you today to advocate for something far more meaningful and important than political parties. As a Libertarian, I believe in a voluntary civilization. Most Republicans and Democrats do too. Most of you exchange money for goods in an exercise of mutually beneficial behavior. You exchange your labor for wages that you (no doubt begrudgingly) accept as acceptable for your voluntary goods or services.

If you are uncomfortable with Democrats and Republicans, then I have an ask for you.

Instead of wasting your blood, sweat, and tears on party politics (when those parties are controlled by a handful of gatekeepers that don’t care about you), pour your energy, instead, into your communities, schools, and churches.

Instead of attending CPAC, attend church. There are Catholic and Charismatic churches in your communities looking out for your neighbors.

Instead of attending your local Republican committee, get ten to fifteen of your neighbors together and raise money for backpacks and tennis shoes for children who attend your local school.

Instead of donating all your money to the Donald Trump Defense Fund, get a bunch of your neighbors together and pool your money to get that neighbor who is having a tough time a new porch, or a new roof, or a used car.

Stop waiting around for government to make your community better.

Make your community better.

Vote. Or don’t. I don’t care. If 14,000 Republicans or Democrats decided to vote Libertarian in 2021, it would be so cool, but it wouldn’t solve any societal problems, and it certainly wouldn’t put Libertarians in power.

What would solve the most important problems facing you, me, our neighbors, and our communities is some voluntary financial and pragmatic help.

I teach. Why am I not helping my community with students struggling in school? You build fences. Your neighbor needs one. You do taxes. Your elderly neighbor needs their taxes done. You hunt. Your neighbor was a bartender and Covid shut her down and you could give her food.


I’m a Libertarian. But if that’s just a political designation, then I’m a hypocrite.

I believe in a society where we help one another. Most of you Democrats and Republicans do, too. So let’s stop shaking our fists at organizations that hardly any of us respect anymore (the federal and state governments) and start voluntarily helping each other.

That’s what Libertarianism is really about and you can elect all the libertarians you want and we couldn’t force you to … as Bill and Ted warned us that we should … be excellent to one another!

We’ve got to do that on our own. So start your own independent political/civic parties, be they libertarian or republican or democratic, and just help people. Help your community. Help each other. We’ll always be better at helping our neighbors than any government anywhere would ever be capable of anyway.


I live in Caroline County, Virginia. The best civic organization in my county is an organization called Caroline’s Promise. They don’t raise money for candidates. They raise money for kids. We spend way too much time attracted to politicians and political parties. We spend way too much money helping the rich get richer.

How many evangelicals raised money for wealthy politicians when there are poor neighbors in their neighborhood?  How many Democrats raised money for wealthy politicians when there are poor neighbors in their neighborhoods?

Kids need food and backpacks and clothes. Parents need transportation, groceries, healthcare, and home care.

We spent $14 billion on a single federal election. There are almost 600,000 homeless people in America.

When are we going to get our priorities straight?

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