Too Many Managers, But No Boss

We can all agree that 2020 just plain sucked, all around. But politics stops for no one.

In November, we will decide (among other things) who will be our next Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General. I believe these elections are the most important to the lives of everyday Virginia.

I also believe that the voters need to have a choice between candidates. The ultimate winners can’t get direction without knowing what the citizens support, regardless of what they say.

So, having at least two strong parties is important. Unfortunately, at this point, there is only one … and it’s not the GOP. The Republican Party of Virginia is missing in positive action. Why, you might ask. Let’s see if we can’t shine a light on the big issues, shall we?

The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) doesn’t seem to have any money. Now, I’ll admit I am not the expert in evaluating party finances. However, it seems to me that they should be able to fund basic operations, with a heater … and windows.

The optics surrounding the operations (or more accurately, the lack of ability to operate) at RPV leave much to be desired for a party trying to regain relevance in 2021. There is a difference between a message that is intended and the message that is actually conveyed. Fundraising must be hampered when the organizational attitudes are so bad.

Then there is the disaster that is still … the nomination. At this point, that situation is well known so I’ll only state what should be obvious.

If you do not nominate candidates that can actually win a general election, you have accomplished … nothing.

Chairman Anderson has had the wheel long enough now to be able to get a feel for how he’s navigating these unique political waters, and while this might seem like a rather harsh critique of his performance, it’s not personal.

So what is really going on, anyway? There are two trains of thought that I have noticed glaring out from this nightmare.

Is all of this mess the result of an abysmal failure of leadership stemming from an utter lack of understanding of how the Party and the State Central Committee (SCC) operates, coupled with a fear of making a controversial decision, leading to RPV being an impotent entity for the unfortunate 2021 candidates?

Or are the members of the SCC really just representing their own interests?

Well, after punishing myself mercilessly watching the marathon SCC meetings where noting was accomplished, screaming at the computer out of sheer frustration, I think it might be both.

One of my favorite Urban Planners was known for saying “You might not like my decision, but I’m the one who gets to make it.”

Now, was that a popular thing to say? Nope. But he was responsible for making decisions that affected people’s rights and millions of dollars of property every day. He made those decisions because that was his job. Leadership requires decisiveness. It requires telling our children “no,” especially when they have not learned to place the best interests of the family ahead of themselves.

In this case, it requires understanding the parliamentary games and being better at them than the children. And at times it requires a Chairman to be a jerk. Chairman Anderson seems like a really nice man. If he can’t find his inner asshole, he will suffer through his chairmanship without doing anything he set out to do.

It’s really not as easy as it looks, is it?

As for the members of the SCC, part of that problem lies in the State Party Plan (and that is a story for a different day) and part lies in the members. So to all of them, I’ll say this:

Stop representing yourselves, and start representing your districts. Seriously, it’s pretty bad when Liberty University is forced to issue a statement because you’re full of bullshit, now isn’t it?

Ask yourself … do you really believe the voters in Virginia should trust Republicans to run the Commonwealth when they can’t even nominate their own candidates? When three former Governors write a letter and make a request if you can’t get it done, what message does that send? Do your damn job, or make way for someone who can.

I understand that my observations might not be popular, but I’m one of those regular people they need to win the election, and I’m also the one with the soapbox who gets to shout. It should be obvious, but it’s not personal.

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