Moves … and Counter Moves

Have you ever felt like you were watching a really bad B movie … waiting for it to end … but it just doesn’t?

It’s like walking around in a funk you just can’t shake. It’s not a depression, but rather watching the world interact and feeling … a dread … and it seems like so many other people share your dread … but why?

The art of the bullshit has been interwoven into the fabric of our collective consciousness so exquisitely that many people just tune it out. But whatever the opinion, just think of the most outrageous lie to support it, and by god … there are fools who will believe it.

Unfortunately, those fools seem more like they are constructing an elaborate game in which their ends justify their means, while the rest of us are just trying to navigate the world.

The current situation (if you can call it that) with the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) is a case in point.

Way back on December 5 of last year, when the RPV governing body voted to nominate their candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General by holding a convention this year, it was just the first in a series of moves and counter moves that would allow less than 100 people to possibly choose the party’s 2021 candidates.

Now, they damn well understood:

  1. That they would not be able to hold a massive convention during a pandemic … and they…
  2. Didn’t amend their own rules to provide a convention that would be possible.

What? Why would a group of 75 party members sabotage themselves in such a fantastic fashion? Well, did they really sabotage themselves? It depends on whose shoes you’re walking in.

If you’re one of the State Central Committee (SCC) members and you want to control the nomination, it’s a genius move.

However, if you’re one of those SCC members who want the larger Republican electorate to choose the candidates, you’re … well, pissed.

So what do you do? Counter move … you refuse to support changing the rules so that a convention is even possible.

Well, shit. What to do now?

Apparently, the answer to that is … nothing. But why it took them three more marathon six- or seven-hour meetings to do absolutely nothing is beyond me. Leadership at its most vacant. I really tried to tell these people, but anyhoo….

So after all of these meetings, a group of the pissed off called a meeting of their own, to level a compromise. But the Chairman dodged that move with a counter of his own and the meeting was canceled to give way to another meeting to be held AFTER the deadline to notify the state of the nomination method.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, if the pissed off believe the control freaks are going to compromise, and then they don’t, the control freaks will choose the nominees, and the pissed-off will become something more than simply pissed off.

But hey, maybe I am just too cynical. Tuesday will tell.


Republicans Still United: Trump Good, Democracy Bad

State Central Meeting Saturday, February 20 – UPDATED

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