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Grand New Podcast – Episode 42: GEN Z and the GOP

Mike sits down with Ashton Willcox and Ryan Doucette of Gen Z GOP, and Brady Hillis and Josh Lyon of the Teenage Republican Federation of VA, to discuss their viral letter of courage standing up to QAnon.  These Gen Zers discuss ways the GOP should reach out to young people, what they can do to fight extremism, and Virginia (and Massachusetts) political prognostications.

Video: https://www.wevideo.com/view/2048461774
Audio: https://anchor.fm/g-n-p/episodes/Gen-Z-and-The-GOP-eq902l [1]

Teenage Republicans: ‘QAnon and Violence Have No Place In GOP’ [2]
Virginia set to pass historic bill giving students time off to protest — because teen Republicans and Democrats teamed up to demand it [3]