Ben Sasse’s Message to Nebraska Republicans

“Let’s be clear: The anger in this state party has never been about me violating principle or abandoning conservative policy — I’m one of the most conservative voters in the Senate — the anger’s always been simply about me not bending the knee to one guy.

 “January 6th [violent insurrection on U.S. Capitol by Trump MAGA rioters] is going to leave a scar. For 220 years, one of the most beautiful things about America has been our peaceful transfer of power. But what Americans saw three weeks ago was ugly, shameful mob violence to disrupt a constitutionally mandated meeting of Congress to affirm that peaceful transfer of power.” -Sen. Ben Sasse

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) called the lie a lie … he didn’t buy into the big lie about Donald Trump winning the election. For speaking truth, the Republican Party of Nebraska wants to censure him at their upcoming meeting.

As Republicans, do we trust those who lie to us, or do we trust those who look us in the eye and tell us the truth? And if it’s the former, there is much introspective that needs to take place within the party that formerly stood on principles, personal responsibility, truth, and character.

The video is five minutes well invested as a reminder of what it means to be a conservative Republican.


-CNN: Sasse’s message to Nebraska GOP as he faces censure: ‘Politics isn’t about the weird worship of one dude’

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