The GOP Lied and People Died

Last week at the United States Capitol we saw the culmination of GOP lies over election fraud and the desire to overturn the election lead to death and destruction. These lies by members of Congress, U.S. Senators, and rightwing media caused the brutal murder of a U.S. Capitol Police Officer and lead to the suicide of another.

These lies even contributed to the brutal beating of a Capitol Police officer, from people who claim to “back the blue.”

Those who lied must be held accountable.

Time and time again leading up to the events on January 6th members of Congress, tv and talk radio personalities made unproven and conspiratorial claims of election fraud. These claims not only contributed to what transpired at the Capitol, but flamed the fire of sedition. Fox News only provided a fact check against these baseless claims only after it was threatened with legal action, not because of its desire to tell the truth to its audience.  

Even when provided evidence by Republican Gabriel Sterling, the chief operating officer for Georgia’s secretary of state that refuted these these claims many Republican elected officials and rightwing media continued to lie.

Time and time again Republicans in Congress lied to the Republican base about these claims of fraud and that on January 6th that President Trump would be reelected. These lies combined with the lies of election fraud created the deadly environment that happened at the Capitol.

Congressman Pete Meijer, a Republican who took over for former Congressman Justin Amash said it best:

“They were being lied to. They were being misled,” he said of the demonstrators. “Some of my colleagues in Congress, they share responsibility for that. Many of them were fundraising off of this Stop the Steal grift. I don’t understand how you can look in the mirror and go to sleep at night without that weighing on your conscience, I fundamentally do not. I’m just at a loss for words about how some of them have acted in ways that are just knowingly, provably false. And they know they’re lying, too.”

Here is a list of members of Congress who prior to January 6th planned to object to the Electoral College votes. Some in the end decided not to vote that way, but were instrumental in spreading the lie of electoral fraud and the belief that Trump would remain in office.

These are members of Congress who voted to overturn the results of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

These are the Senators who voted to overturn the results of Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT)  stated on the Senate Floor on Wednesday, “The best way we can show respect for the voters who were upset is by telling them the truth.”

America must hold those who sought sedition accountable.

Those in the media who spread and supported the lies cannot be trusted and must be removed from the airwaves.

Those in the corporate world that supported these lies and did nothing must suffer financially.

Those in Congress who voted and spoke out in support of this lie have lost the right to represent Americans and must be expelled.

We cannot allow this lie and the outcome to go without consequences because when the GOP lied, people died.

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