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We Don’t Have To Be Populists

Bernie Sanders might be the furthest thing from “a conservative,” but he might be right about the Republicans.

Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader McConnell came together to pass a Covid Stimulus package [1] worth roughly $900 billion on December 21st. This bipartisan goliath focused on business and tax relief, energy stimulus, the healthcare system and vaccine distribution, a little bit of money for American workers, and even a $600 pittance for individuals.

After weeks of stalling tactics and pointless delays as the President demanded Americans actually get a fair amount of the relief being offered to corporations and foreign countries, he set sail on a port tack and signed [2] the damn bill.

The relief package and stimulus was a bad [3] bill. “Conservative” Senators, like Ted Cruz, were offended by all the special interest spending. Of course, this is only after “conservative” Senators, like Ted Cruz, ensured that billionaire energy moguls received their fair share of relief [4] during previous packages.

Donald Trump wanted $2,000 for American workers. So did Senator Bernie Sanders and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. So how is that not going to get done?

It’s funny. It’s funny in the strange sense of the word. Its funny business is what it is.

Conservative Senators are going to pack relief bills full of goodies for their corporate supporters. Believe me, there was a time not five years ago, when I agonized over the decision of whether to support Senator Rand Paul or Senator Ted Cruz for President. I feel like I should start over.

“Hi. My name is Steven. I was fooled by demagogues.”

Liberal Senators are going to pack these bills full of goodies for their corporate supporters too. Senator Bernie Sanders would have a leg to stand on if he wasn’t so busy kissing the Democratic Party’s butt for doing all the horrible things (and more) that he accuses the Republicans of doing.

They’ll pretend like the only reason more money didn’t actually get distributed to American citizens is because of Donald Trump. That isn’t true at all. Trump would have signed legislation that gave actual people money. The Republican Establishment was never going along with that. Why waste money on people that could have been spent on corporations?

I love President Ronald Reagan. That said, trickle-down is a sham. For too long, Congress has tried to take care of business in the hopes that business would take care of the American People. It’s about time that Congress takes care of the American People and allow us to take care of business. Folks like Bernie Sanders should like that. So should folks like Donald Trump. However, when all is said and done, Trump could have fought for the people and he didn’t. Bernie could have killed this bill, but he didn’t.

Politicians like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Ayanna Pressley and Rand Paul latch on to our frustrations, but they never deliver results. You know what’s great about Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi? They are honest creatures of a horrifying swamp. They get the dirty stuff done and keep the country running. They don’t let morals, ideals, or human lives get in the way of what they need to accomplish. They know that populists like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump will pop up here and there, but they also know they own the system and that the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trumps of the world will fold every damn time under the weight of the elected oligarchy and corporate duopoly.

Populists are just useful idiots. The Democratic and Republican Parties just raise money off you. As if you weren’t taxed enough, morons actually donate money to the rich so that those other rich people won’t harm them.

We’re all basically idiots at this point.

And we’re dying for it. Hundreds of thousands of us are dying. And we’ll keep dying too. Why not? Those of us who hate Democrats, we’ve got to stop them at all cost. We’ll get in bed with Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz, Nancy Pelosi, and Ilhan Omar, just to make sure that the other side doesn’t get their way.

We are literally voting to hurt our fellow Americans. The more you hate my guy, the more I want to vote for him. The more I hate your gal, the more you want to vote for her.

We’ve all gone mad.

There’s only one way out and it’s freedom, localized government power, and a full-scale rebellion against the elected oligarchy running the United States. Trump people, Bernie people, Greens, Libertarians, Conservatives, Socialists, Communists, Constitutionalists, and White Nationalists all need to form their own parties.

It’s about time Americans are honest with one another about who we are because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that none of our representatives are being honest with us.

Actually, that’s not true.

The American people haven’t been honest with themselves.