VINDICATION! Confirmed Cases of Voter Fraud in PA, MI, & WI!

Despite weeks of the liberal LameStream Media breathlessly yelling that there’s “no evidence” of voter fraud, true patriots have always known better! After 60 cases have been thrown of court for lack of evidence, we knew all along they were just buying time to find the evidence that Democrats and many Republicans and non-partisan election officials and local county boards of election and state boards of elections and judges and the media and Big Tech were desperate to hide!

CONFIRMED: Voter fraud exists in key swing states that Joe Biden allegedly “won”:

In Pennsylvania, 3 cases have been charged. (link here – from a local news site, not a right-wing or left-wing site);

In Wisconsin, 1 case has been charged (link here);

In Michigan, 2 cases have been charged (link here).

Checkmate, libs!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! For example, in Nevada, the Secretary of State has three open investigations into cases of voter fraud. Just 30,000 more to go and Nevada is back in play! Also, we just need to find 80,000 more to flip Pennsylvania, 20,000 more to flip Wisconsin, and 150,000 more to flip Michigan.

Oh, and those hundreds of thousands of cases need to be examples of Biden voters committing fraud, not Trump voters, like the ones caught in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

I hope our Virginia Congressional Republicans are listening. Challenge the results on January 6th! We have confirmed cases of voter fraud.

Okay, it’s just a small handful, but that’s right now. Surely, the evidence of the conspiracy involving Dominion voting systems, George Soros, the ghost of Hugo Chavez, China, Bill Gates, Chief Justice John Roberts, VP Mike Pence, and former AG Bill Barr will be made public soon, so solid that even a court can’t deny it.

We need that evidence to come out. Otherwise, Ben Cline, Morgan Griffith, Bob Good, and Rob Wittman wouldn’t be so irresponsible as try to overthrow the results of the election based on claims without solid evidence … would they?

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