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Aliscia Andrews Exploring Run for GOP Lieutenant Governor

Looks like the field for Lieutenant Governor is about to be a little more crowded. Former congressional candidate for the 10th District, Aliscia Andrews, is said to be exploring a run for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor.

Sources close to the Republican standout have confirmed this to Bearing Drift.

Mrs. Andrews ran in 2020 against Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton, coming up short in her movement to start a WEXIT – a movement designed to cut into Rep. Wexton’s support from Winchester to McLean.

Those familiar with the Andrews campaign say the Marine veteran feels she can connect with Virginians statewide in order to pull off a win for the second highest office in the Commonwealth.

Four [1] other Republicans have announced campaigns for the party’s nomination, pitting Andrews in a five-way nomination contest, of which the Republican Party of Virginia recently announced would take place via convention.

But the high number of potential primary contenders has clearly not warned off Andrews. Republicans picked up numerous unexpected seats in the House of Representatives, with the majority of Republican victories coming from candidates representing women, minorities, and veterans, of which Andrews represents two of the three.

During her bid for Congress in VA-10, Andrews brought a fiery brand of conservatism to the campaign trail while also conveying compassion and empathy for the many Virginians that are hurting due to the economic and health implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Andrews for Virginia campaign also led several popular coalitions meant to engage a diverse group of constituents including veterans, education professionals, and coalitions focused on the African American and Indian American communities, which make up large portions of the district.

Andrews [2], a wife and mother of three school-aged children, is a former Marine who now serves as a national security specialist with broad experience across the intelligence community and Department of Homeland Security.

If she enters the race, Andrews would be the only female Republican candidate to announce thus far, and should she win in the general election, she would be the first female to serve as Lieutenant Governor in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She would be the youngest elected LG in Virginia history.

Now, full disclosure, I did serve as Aliscia’s Chairman for her Education Task Force during her bid for Congress, as I reside in the 10th District.  Aliscia is a passionate, dedicated, and an energetic voice in the Party and the Commonwealth, and would be a welcomed addition to the race.