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Some Advice For Some Future Republicans

I’m not going to advocate for Republicans anymore, so I can say this without fear of reprisal: Republicans need to make the most of the chaos Trump will leave in his wake and suck up all the space that his nonsense has opened up and created. Rich white people under fifty aren’t voting Republican anymore. The corporate-friendly Democratic Party has earned their support.

No one will ever believe that Republicans care about things educated people care about. However, their current expedition into conspiracy theory, populism, nationalism, and fascism isn’t going to take them very far. All these things are bad for business. It’s why Democrats keep stealing elections from Bernie Sanders and his Democratic-Socialists.

The military and the prisons are bankrupting our nation and eventually, just about everyone with a lick of sense will turn against the hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars we spend on these things.

When the Boomers go, religious extremism will no longer be a viable option either.

Republicans need to champion the small business. They need to research and catalog everything that small business owners want and need, and fight to provide it. Small businesses make up a massive portion of the American Experience [1].

Republicans should join the Progressives in their fight against the corporate ownership of the political establishment. Remember when Senator Ted Cruz campaigned against ethanol subsidies in Iowa and won [2]? Remember when Senator Ted Cruz campaigned against oil subsidies [3] in Texas and won?

Republicans are increasingly uneducated and increasingly poor. They don’t trust political establishments. They do trust their neighbors. They shop local. Republicans should focus on that.

Republicans should focus all of their energy on small businesses, on their entrepreneurs, their employees, and their customers. They need to turn their ridiculous Covid-doesn’t-exist nonsense into a raging support for the small business entrepreneur.

President Calvin Coolidge, maybe the coolest Republican ever (besides Lincoln and Reagan), once said, “After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing, and prospering the world.”

The corporate class owns the federal government and all those nasty contradictions that our Republican Establishment has engaged in that has upset their grassroots.

So why not raise taxes on the rich? Raise taxes on the corporations? Americans won’t care if they pay more because the government took a bite out of profit instead of paying more because the government taxed them through the nose via inflation. What’s the difference?

Republicans should give Bernie Sanders a run for his money. Make AOC wonder whether or not she wants to caucus with Republicans or corporate Democrats like Nancy Pelosi?

Republicans could make an honest woman of themselves by supporting their real man … the American Worker.

Just some advice. I think it would work. It wouldn’t help me too much and hardly anything I care about would be improved, but it would leave the Democrats all by their lonesome funding the rich and taxing the poor. How could that hurt?