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Somehow This Needs To Be Said: Declaring Martial Law is Not Conservative

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but declaring martial law to subvert the results of a democratic election is not conservative.

If you are interested in running for office, for example for Governor, this is not a conservative value for Republicans to rally around.

There’s no reason to ever take anyone seriously who complains about “government overreach” (for example, on wearing masks or limit social engagements) on one hand and literally wants the government to suspend all laws and rule by force on the other hand.

There’s a meme on conservative social media that says, “A government strong enough to enforce stay-at-home orders is strong enough to take away your guns.”

Martial law is that principle on steroids. If martial law ever does come to America, the first step to establishing it is to take away people’s guns. Anyone who advocates for martial law is diametrically opposed to civil rights and Constitutional rights, including and especially the 2nd Amendment.

We don’t have dictators in America, and we don’t need an aspiring dictator as a Governor, nor as a Republican nominee.