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The Republican Party of Amanda Chase

It’s hard to belong to the Republican Party because of Donald Trump and Corey Stewart. It’s impossible to belong to the Republican Party of Sidney Powell [1] and Lin Wood [2].

It is impossible to belong to the Republican Party of Amanda Chase who has more in common with your average Republican than she does with Abraham Lincoln, Edmund Burke, or Calvin Coolidge. State Senator Amanda Chase has brilliantly and cynically chosen to encapsulate the spirit of mass hysteria, of an actual mental health crisis, in order to rise to power.

 If she follows through on her threat to run as an Independent, it’ll either be the final waning of her star or a death blow to the RPV. The white nationalist populists will support primaries now after years of demanding a convention. Establishment folks switched their votes to conventions. At least we can all ignore principled arguments for one or the other and accept that either side will choose the likeliest path to victory.

To my Chamber of Commerce Republican friends, Senator Amanda Chase better reflects the average Republican voter in Virginia than you do. Some of this is my fault.

I moved to Virginia with libertarian principles and came in contact with TEA Party leaders like Waverly Woods. I wrote vociferously on behalf of Congressman Dave Brat against Eric Cantor.

I warned Brat against Trumpism, but he was smarter than I was. He knew he couldn’t stand on principle against the Trumpers and survive. Trump flipped enough educated white voters to the Democrats to destroy a Republican’s chances in the 7th District.

Even a once staunchly libertarian candidate like Nick Freitas, who went all-in on his bizarre support for an authoritarian like Donald Trump, was unable to pull off a victory there. I will say that I am beyond pleased to see Delegate Freitas’ Facebook feed return to the poised, principled, libertarian and constitutionalist tone I had grown so accustomed to.

What the Trumpublican Party represents and what your Republican Party now is, is a monster with no morality, no philosophy, no reality, and no core. It can evolve and change, shift and morph, acclimate itself to whatever fake QAnon conspiracy is in fashion for a split second on the internet. How can you compete?

These people don’t believe the media. They don’t believe the scientists. They don’t believe the “experts” or the “political” or “bureaucratic” class. They don’t believe in anything except skeptical, radical disbelief. These are realities that a theologian, philosopher, and economist like Dave Brat couldn’t harness. There was no way someone as educated as he could hold the hearts of those so opposed to education as they.

People like Shaun Kenney and Brian Schoeneman tried to warn me and I laughed at them. Lee Pillsbury has been asking me to write an apology letter to Eric Cantor for years. I’m not sorry for supporting Congressman Brat, but I am sorry that his campaign spawned a populist movement that proceeded to wreck the foundations of the Republican Party in Virginia.

At the time, I figured they were just more mindless examples of the corporatist duopoly trying to make money off of a corporately driven Republican Party. I didn’t listen. I’m still not sure I was wrong about their motivations, but I’m 100 percent certain they were right about me.

I didn’t know what I was talking about. I didn’t know who I was working with. I didn’t see the nationalist and populist undertones of my friends in the TEA Party movement. Just about everything they told me was happening, happened. And I mocked them for it. I laughed at them because they saw me and the movement I had associated myself with more clarity than I saw myself.

Wow was I wrong!

I’m sorry.

I don’t and won’t support the corporate Republicans. I won’t support trickle-down economics. I feel as though there really is something harmful to big government supporting big business while the little guy gets left behind. But let me admit this, to all my libertarian-leaning friends still trying to make something of their involvement in the Republican Party: If you think that you can work with these nationalists and populists and faux conservatives and keep your freedom, retain your self-respect, and support liberty, then you are me five years ago reading an article written by you five years from now.

Wake up.

These people deprived us of Dave Brat. These people deprived us of Denver Riggleman. These people have cost us statewide election after statewide election, and I’m not coming back.

However. I’m over 40. You don’t need me. You need young people. Don’t keep making the same mistakes. Don’t keep embracing hysteria. Embrace reason, science, good government, good policy, and for the love of God be smarter than the other guys. You probably already are!