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No, It Wasn’t Election Fraud – Georgia Edition

This post is the fourth in an irregular series of posts on how Joe Biden flipped five states in last month’s election – and no, it wasn’t fraud. I have already addressed Pennsylvania [1], Michigan [2], and Wisconsin [3].

The final city in the Trump campaign’s fact-free election-theft narrative (which they are still pushing [4]) is Atlanta. I’ve already debunked the nonsensical claim that Biden outperformed Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia [1], Detroit [2], and Milwaukee [3]. In fact, Biden’s margin was smaller than Clinton’s in the first two cities, and in Milwaukee, Biden’s gain was nowhere near enough to flip Wisconsin. Atlanta also showed a small Biden gain, but once again, it was the suburbs – not the center city – that moved a key swing state from red to blue.

In 2016, Trump defeated Clinton by 211,141 votes in Georgia. How did Biden make up the votes?

Not in Atlanta (source: GA Secretary of State’s office [5]):

That gain by Biden was less than one-seventh of what he needed to flip Georgia. For the story of how Biden actually won the state, we must once again look to the suburbs – here defined as the 10 counties surrounding Atlanta and part of the Atlanta Regional Commission [6] (source: Dave Leip [7]).

This is where Biden erased Clinton’s 200K+ vote deficit. He gained a quarter of a million net votes in the Atlanta suburbs – just as he flipped Wisconsin via the suburbs around Milwaukee, Michigan via the suburbs around Detroit, and Pennsylvania via the suburbs around Philadelphia.

So now – for the fourth time – we are seeing the claim that Biden won a swing state via a surge of central city votes is false. Yet the Trump campaign continues to insist on lying to the American people about what really happened in the election.