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RPV State Central Committee Meeting; Voted Convention for 2021; Live Updates

The Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee meeting that was to have been held at the annual RPV Advance, cancelled due to the global coronavirus pandemic, was held Saturday morning via Zoom on Facebook.

New officers: The first order of business was election of officers. See the results here [1].

Convention vs primary: That was followed by a discussion on the methodology for 2021 — primary versus convention. A motion was made to have a roll call vote. A substitute motion was then made to have a secret vote. The substitute motion was defeated so the vote on the original motion was back on the table on having a roll call vote. The motion passed to hold a roll call vote for the vote on convention vs. primary. Roll call vote was: Yes 39, No 35, Abstain 2.┬áThe vote was decided: Convention 2021.

Recess: The meeting is in recess until 2:05.

2:10: Back from recess … after 45 minutes of additional discussion, the original vote to hold a convention stands.