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2020 RPV Advance Cancelled

The 2020 Republican Party of Virginia Advance that had been scheduled to be held the first weekend in December at The Homestead in Hot Springs has been cancelled. In an announcement sent to Virginia GOP leadership, Chairman Rich Anderson wrote:

“I reluctantly made this decision in the best interest of our party and members. Due to the Governor’s amended, misguided, and arbitrary COVID-19 restrictions, we have been forced to cancel the 2020 Donald. J Huffman Advance. In his no-questions-allowed video message just before the close of business this past Friday, he limited gatherings to just 25 people (down from 250).” [emphasis added]

As I wrote yesterday (I Don’t Mind Tighter Rules To Protect Virginians As Covid-19 Increases [1]), this is not Governor Northam’s fault, as Anderson accused in his statement.

Place the blame squarely on Covid-19, not a governor who is trying to protect Virginians from this highly contagious pathogen that has spread, maimed, and killed around the globe.

The Homestead, due to the statewide regulations put in place to protect citizens as Covid explodes in all areas of the Commonwealth and beyond, could not accommodate a convention. It is also not their fault. It is Covid’s fault.

When this passes, Republicans in the state can again gather. Until then, stay safe and be well.