The Republican Party Is Irreparably Damaged

The Virginia Republican Party is finished. We finished ourselves.

Trumpublican darling State Senator Amanda Chase is the Medusa QAnon of the Commonwealth with her fraudulent fraud claims. Trump won’t admit defeat. Even strong characters like Nick Freitas won’t concede. Leon Benjamin won’t concede even after losing in a landslide.

Good people have been corrupted by a Trump Strain epidemic, pandemic. What are rational people to do? The rotting corpse of the TEA Party needs to be covered in lye. No perfume. No eulogy. No vaseline.

Honestly – we’re not the only ones that ought to admit defeat. Left-of-center moderates should flee to the Democratic Party if they haven’t already. Moderates should form a Virginia Independent Party and draft someone like Denver Riggleman or Bill Bolling.

Libertarians and Constitutionalists should begin to build Libertarian Parties all over the Commonwealth and begin running activists for local, district, and statewide offices.

Progressive Democrats should accept that the Democratic Party will never accept them, embrace the Movement for a People’s Party and rescue Bernie’s dream from the corporate clutches of Kamala Harris.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden represent Virginia Democrats as well as John McCain and Donald Trump represent Virginia Republicans. The time for a duopoly is finished. The time to move forward is now. Let’s embrace the chaos and reject the corruption that surrounds us. Republicans need a cleanse to clear the Trumpism from its bloodstream and digestive system.

But that won’t happen.

It’s time for the hangers-on to stop hanging on. Let’s all do something else now. Trump broke the GOP easily because the GOP was already hollowed out by corporate corruption. Joe Biden would have lost if Bernie Sanders and AOC hadn’t rescued his lethargic campaign.

While Abigail Spanberger bites her thumb at the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, it’s the Progressives who are speaking the people’s language, not Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Remember policy? There was a time when policy was more important than politics and when character was more important than popularity. The Republican Party will never escape the shadow grip of Donald Trump. Sometimes when you sell out you sell out forever.

The Republican and Democratic Parties aren’t unified despite their being ubiquitous. Let’s blow them up and join the rest of the First World Republics and Democracies with a multi-party system of our own.

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