Why I Voted for Joe Biden (and You Should, Too)

Far too many of the arguments surrounding the ongoing election revolve around Donald Trump’s behavior; Trump defenders actually have a point when they complain about that. Trump’s record is another story – but not one that should make conservatives more comfortable in voting for him. In fact, yours truly has found that Joe Biden is the conservative choice, which is why I cast my ballot for him in September.

I recognize that, for many conservatives, Donald Trump delivered on what they wanted: fewer people of color entering the country, continued withdrawal from the rest of the world, an end to democracy promotion, and tariffs against foreign imports. I further recognize – with great pain – that there are far more of these mid-20th-Century “paleo”-conservatives than there are late-20th-century “neo”-conservatives like me. However, I am not about to cede conservatism to the diseased, anti-intellectual, and deeply racist “paleo” strain that has arisen again to infect the movement.

I’d prefer a president who will not surrender Afghanistan to the Taliban. Joe Biden is far from perfect on foreign policy, but he does recognize there is still an enemy to confront (Stars and Stripes).

I’d prefer a president who recognizes that more democracy abroad strengthens democracy at home – and that more tyranny abroad weakens democracy at home. Joe Biden and I are sure to disagree on the methods of democracy promotion, but that’s far better than disagreeing on the necessity to do it. Biden understands that necessity (CNBC). Donald Trump doesn’t.

I’d prefer a president who sees goods and services from our allies and fellow democracies as beneficial and not threatening. Joe Biden understands that (Straits Times); Donald Trump and his supporters don’t.

I’d prefer a president who sees people as a resource, not a threat because they don’t look like he does.

I’d prefer a president whose policies would save the most pre-born children. As much as “pro-lifers” want that to be Trump, it just isn’t so.

Sure, the tweets and nonsensical speeches bother me, but not as much as his policy mistakes – and I’m not alone. Among the many reasons for the divisions within conservatism, Trump-defenders and anti-anti-Trumpers never seem to get that. Those of us in the Never-Trump movement aren’t swayed by the but-his-policies argument, because the policies were what led us to be Never-Trumpers in the first place.

So … if you’re the type of conservative who remembers with fondness Ronald Reagan’s call to win the Cold War, lead the world by example, and be the “shining city on the hill,” I humbly submit that Joe Biden deserves your vote.

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