Election Eve: Bearing Drift Election Round-Up

We made it to Election Eve. This presidential campaign season has broken all the rules and left a deeply divided nation. Overshadowing it all is the global coronavirus pandemic, more than 232,000 dead Americans, and an incumbent who continues to hold super-spreader rallies throughout the country.

Tomorrow America goes to the polls or rather, those who haven’t already voted will go to the polls. More than 60 percent of ballots have been mailed or cast by early in-person voting.

Bearing Drift offers this recap of our most recent posts from writers who have been part of the Republican Party for decades. That’s important to know: they have been involved with the GOP for years as volunteers, grassroots leaders, elected officials, campaign staffers, and everything in between. They understand campaigns, have worked campaigns, know the rules, crunch the numbers, pore over past stats, help the candidates, work the polls, put up the signs, make the phone calls  … in other words, they’ve been in the trenches. They have walked the walk. For decades.

Enjoy the read.

~Lynn R. Mitchell
Editor | BearingDrift.com

Trump Is the GOP’s Drug of Choice by Kristina Nohe
The way that the Republican Party follows Donald Trump is like the goldfish party pledging its loyalty to the toilet; they may enjoy the ride, but it all ends up in the crapper.

How Trump Will Win (If He Can) by Shaun Kenney
Trump’s path to victory lies through one state: Pennsylvania. Biden is up by 4 points… should Republicans give up? Plenty of good reasons not to….

Election 2020: Final Call by Matt Walton
An in-depth look at President, Senate, and races around the Commonwealth of Virginia

Why I Voted For Joe Biden (and You Should, Too) by DJ McGuire
Support for democracy, for freer markets, and for America’s interest are what made me a conservative. They are also what make Joe Biden the right choice for conservatives like me.

Some Things Are More Important Than Votes by Will Shewmake
As families are rent asunder and decades long friendships end over this election, a reminder of the friendship of Justices Ginsburg and Scalia.

Pennsylvania is Ground Zero for Election 2020 by Jason Kenney
It all hinges on Pennsylvania which polling shows as going Biden’s way but late endorsements and enthusiasm can still matter.

The Fear Factor by Matt Homer
Fear is Donald Trump’s greatest strength; it is also his greatest weakness.

Virginia Commonwealth Caucus Reaffirms Bipartisan Commitment Before Election Day
“As Members of the bipartisan Commonwealth Caucus, we are committed to putting partisanship aside and protecting our democracy and institutions.”

Holsworth: Nov. 1, 2020, Virginia Covid-19 Update by Bob Holsworth
Largest case numbers yet.

New Poll Shows Biden Leads Trump With Latino Voters, 62-29% by Lynn R. Mitchell
Coronavirus pandemic is most important issue for 46% of Latino voters; 34% say the economy

Political Animals by Matt Homer
As the nation braces for election-related civil unrest, we as individuals can move either toward our best enlightened selves or our worst primitive selves.

Bearing Drift Writers’ Predictions for 2020: Bearing Drift
Crunching numbers from seasoned political junkies.

Predictions on Virginia’s Elections Results by Norm Leahy
The low, dishonest and exhausting 2020 elections are lurching toward completion.

So What Will Happen Next Week? by D.J. McGuire
If you really want to know, you won’t actually read this.

2020 Election: A Look At National, Virginia, Texas by Matt Homer
Who wins and who loses?

Were the Polls Really ‘All Wrong’ in 2016? by Andrew Hull
Originally published in August 2020, this offers an interesting comparison to where the Trump and Biden campaigns were then, and where they are now, with less than a week from Election Day.

Andrea has finished her series….

Part 1: Election Security and Andi’s Novice Predictions by Andrea Epps
“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” -Marcus Aurelius

Part 2: Diving Into the Political Waters of Florida by Andrea Epps
I doubt anyone would argue that these numbers are anything but historically high

Part 3: The ‘Swing’ing Peaches of Georgia by Andrea Epps
Who would have ever thought that Georgia would be on any list of election swing states?

Part 4 – Pennsylvania: ‘Pennsylbama’ and Its Impact on 1600 by Andrea Epps
Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in the middle. They call it Pennsylbama.

Part 5: North Carolina – What Will the Tarheels Do in 2020? by Andrea Epps
As of October 31, 2020, the ballots cast in North Carolina are telling about the shape of the election this year.

-Part 6: The Last Stand by Andrea Epps
Some of these battleground states don’t bind their electors. I am not the only one who has expressed concern.

America goes to the polls Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Vote!

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